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Many of the problems associated with andropause and low testosterone (aka “Low-T”), can be overcome with hormone replacement therapy for men. The primary goal for any quality hormone replacement program should be to restore testosterone to health levels. However, testosterone doesn’t function within a vacuum. There are other critical hormones in the picture that must be monitored, too—especially estrogen and thyroid hormones.

Symptoms of Low-T

Symptoms of Low-T develop slowly over time, often over several years and my include:

  • Decrease Sexual Desire and Performance
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair Loss
  • Decreased Muscle Mass and Tone
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Fatigue and Lack of Motivation
  • Depression, Irritability and Mood Swings
  • Loss of Sense of Well-Being

Some Facts About Testosterone Therapy For Men

Testosterone is accomplished by a weekly clinically administered testosterone injections. Results from the testosterone treatment program are usually felt in about 2 weeks. For most men the symptoms of hormone imbalance will resolve completely in 4 to 6 weeks after your hormones are balanced.

It is critically important that your treatment program include balancing other male hormones with testosterone; estrogen, thyroid and DHEA. This is what makes male hormone replacement therapy safe and effective. Your treatment plan will always include monitoring these other important hormones.

Testosterone should be given in frequent, small dose, mimicking what the body does naturally. Trying to administer testosterone less frequently will yield poor results.

Men may need some estrogen to maintain strong bones. But if estrogen levels are too high, men will experience unpleasant symptoms and the risk of prostate cancer increases. We will monitor your estrogen levels carefully and will prescribe an estrogen blocker if necessary.

It is also very important that you maintain healthy lifestyle habits such as: eating well, physical exercise and managing your stress levels as much as possible. The good news is within a few weeks from starting your program you will find you have more energy and as a result you will want to do more of the things you used to.

Testosterone Injections

About 98% of our clients use testosterone injections to increase their testosterone levels, here is why:

  • Testosterone injections offer a pre-set, measured amount of testosterone for your body. In other words, the injections are very precise.
  • With weekly injections your body will receive a steady supply of testosterone without the peaks and valleys associated with other forms of delivery, (injections will provide optimal time-release).
  • Testosterone is suspended in oil and injected into the hip or thigh where it “pools” in the muscle. As blood flows by this “pool” of testosterone, small amounts are released into the blood stream, thereby mimicking the way your body would release testosterone naturally.
  • There is less conversion of testosterone to DHT, the stronger form of testosterone with injections. This means less stress on the prostate.

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