Regenerative Medicine for Hair Restoration

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Wellness One Memphis, PC is excited to offer Regenerative Medicine for Hair Loss. This treatment is a completely natural solution for Hair Loss in Memphis.

It is estimated that over 35 million men and over 21 million women in this country are dealing with Thinning Hair or Advanced Hair Loss. Hair loss can be very demoralizing for both men and women. Usually this process is very slow and unnoticeable. For others the aging process is accelerated and their follicles stop producing new hair. Until just recently, the only treatment options were prescription creams and shampoo or surgical hair transplants in Memphis.

Regenerative Medicine for Hair Loss is the most advanced and modern approach available for treating thinning hair and hair loss. The science behind Regenerative Medicine for Hair Loss is not complex. Stem Cells are helpful in reversing cell damage and promoting natural healing. The cells are capable of repairing, restoring and regenerating damaged or injured tissue.

Thinning or hair loss in Memphis is a result of a decreased chemical signal from the cells to the follicles. These follicles are still capable of producing new growth, but the chemical signal has been interrupted.

The general idea is to “WAKE UP” the dormant, sleeping hair follicle. That is exactly how Stem Cell Therapy works. Stem Cell Therapy “wakes up” the Sleeping hair follicle and new hair starts to grow. Stem Cell Therapy activates cells within the follicles to send the chemical signals. These newly stimulated follicles will regenerate and produce strong, healthy hair!

The procedure is minimally invasive and the healing process is very fast, unlike surgery. The results of this treatment are relatively fast because Regenerative Medicine encourages faster cell growth. New hair growth may be seen in a month or two, but full results may take as long as 6-12 months depending on the amount of hair loss. The benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss are long term and permanent at Wellness One Memphis, TN.

Don’t Suffer with Hair Loss!


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